Triodetic’s Multipoint Foundations (MPF) is an innovative flexible foundation designed to protect buildings from changing terrain and flooding like conditions, while being built to last with easy assemblage, relocatable and adjustable with minimal maintenance. Backed by 40 years of expertise, the Triodetic foundation consists of an engineered steel or aluminum rigid platform which sits on the top of the soil itself and keeps the building level and straight regardless of soil heaving and settling due to frost or sinking.

Unlike piles or screw jacks, which always move and shift over time causing structural damage, Triodetic’s foundation offers uniformed and anchored support which protects and prevents any damage to the integrity of the building. Furthermore, our foundation is durable and designed to last and can be used, reused, and easily modified for new and existing buildings.


Photo Gallery

Triodetic - Arctic village construction in progress
Triodetic - Modular housing with MPF system with skirting
Triodetic - Post office in Alaska with MPF system
Triodetic - Modular house lift onto MPF system in California
Triodetic - Triodetic Multipoint Foundation in Deline NWT completed system
Triodetic - Multipoint Foundation Deline Community Centre/ Daycare Project in The Northwest Territories.
Triodetic - Triodetic’s Multipoint Foundation
Triodetic - Triodetic’s Foundation post flood install along the river
Triodetic - Multipoint Foundation underneath a navigation dome structure
Triodetic - Multi family housing development on a MPF system