BotBuilt is a leading robotics construction company based in Durham, N.C., specializing in developing innovative technology solutions to address housing affordability challenges. BotBuilt’s proprietary robotics technology leverages the latest in rapid prototyping, artificial intelligence, and computer vision to construct house frames more efficiently and accurately than traditional methods. BotBuilt is committed to creating solutions that help make incredible housing more accessible and believes that its innovative robotics technology can play a key role in achieving this goal.

BotBuilt is revolutionizing the building process and solving the labor crisis in construction through flexible, precise robotic systems, proprietary hardware, and cutting-edge software. They use the latest technology to implement advanced motion planning with computer vision to build a more sustainable future for construction, forever changing the way the world builds with automation.

BotBuilt’s robotic technology is specifically designed to help address housing affordability challenges by improving the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the construction process. By automating many of the repetitive and physically demanding tasks involved in building a home, BotBuilt’s technology enables builders to complete projects more quickly and with greater precision, resulting in significant cost savings for builders and home buyers alike.