2 Vital Keys to Running a Successful Construction Business


Some business struggles can be mitigated if managers have the right tools to combat inevitable problems that will arise. The key is to execute and plan properly.

“Estimating and scheduling work hand-in-hand in running a successful construction business,” said Donny Mack, president and CEO of Mack Professionals/Beaver Builders. “A quality estimate is the foundation the schedule is built on. If either one has weak points, the business will suffer the financial implications.”

Mack, NAHB’s National Graduate Master Builder of the Year in 2007, will teach two live, online courses to go over the fundamentals of both estimating and scheduling.

Estimating - The First Line of Defense for Profits
Sept. 12 | 1-4 p.m. ET

Come away with the knowledge and skills to perform one of the most critical processes in project preparation.

The Project Schedule: A Planning and Communication Tool
Sept. 14 | 1-4 p.m. ET

Explore how to develop and follow a clear schedule to increase both profitability and client satisfaction.

You can save 10% by bundling the pair of courses together

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