Free Webinar Explores Pain Management Strategies to Avoid Opioids

Family who lost son to opioid addiction shares how non-opioid pain management ensured a safe surgical outcome after daughter's surgery.


Around 9% of surgeries in the United States result in persistent use of opioids to manage pain during recovery. Taking prescription opioids while recovering from surgery or injury is the primary gateway to substance misuse.

Knowing this, NAHB is encouraging members to attend a free webinar Wednesday, March 1, on non-opioid pain management to learn more about how to treat pain without ever needing to take opioid-based medication.

The webinar, A Tale of Two Surgeries: Why How We Manage Pain Matters, will be conducted on Zoom by wellness consulting firm ACAP HealthWorks and will be moderated by Cal Beyer, an important partner to NAHB in the creation of opioid resources for home builders.

The webinar will feature Kerri Rhodes and her 21-year old daughter, Blair, who share their story of losing their son and brother, Taylor, to an opioid addiction that began after surgery for a sports injury. Kerri will share how non-opioid pain management ensured a safe surgical outcome after surgery for the same sports injury sustained by her daughter.

Barbara Barrett, human resources and benefits coordinator at lumber provider Langdale Industries, will also share her personal and professional insights on why non-opioid pain management in surgery is a crucial consideration.

Home builders and supervisors should consider attending the webinar to:

  • Learn how non-opioid pain medication can reduce the risk of addiction and address surgical pain management.
  • Discover how multimodal pain relief using over the counter medications are better suited for surgical pain relief with three times the pain relief than opioids.
  • Understand how employers can help protect health plan members and dependents from unnecessary risk of opioids during surgery.

Registration is free.

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