10 Beach Reads for Home Builders from BuilderBooks

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Are you heading to the beach this summer? Need some reading material?

Look no further. Allow NAHB BuilderBooks to provide some beach reading that will be not only entertaining but advance your knowledge of the residential construction industry.

As a bonus, enjoy a 50% summer savings discount on select titles with coupon code SAVE50. Check out 10 titles below, and have a great summer!

Build Green and Save
A green builder with 30+ years of experience, author Matthew Belcher takes you on a journey through the residential construction process to detail how you can apply green building techniques that benefit your business, your relationships with your customers, your reputation and your bottom line.

Green Building Strategies
A concise guide to current best practices for designing, constructing, testing, and ensuring longevity for new high-performance homes, Green Building Strategies explains in plain language what’s happening in the rapidly evolving field of building science.

Beyond Warranty
Dive into a world after your buyers move into their new homes, where you make service a positive experience for homeowners. It’s a world where buyer expectations and the service they receive align, where you can develop and use warranty and maintenance guidelines effectively, structure warranty service procedures for your market and create an efficient repair process.

Jobsite Phrasebook English-Spanish
Improve communication on your jobsite with this phrasebook filled with Spanish translations and pronunciations for common jobsite phrases in the construction field.

Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Changes for a Better Home
From integrating smart technology into your home (it’s easier than you think!) to planting a rain garden, there are all kinds of ways to live greener. Let your fingers do the walking through this guide that helps you build homes that look, feel and perform great.

NAHB-OSHA Trenching and Excavation Safety Handbook, English-Spanish
Find out how to prevent trenching accidents with OSHA excavation safe work practices and more.

Option Selling for Profit
The authors walk you through high-powered selling in the ever-expanding market of options for new homes. Start at pricing and follow the yellow brick road to the pot of gold – sales options to increase your bottom line.

Scheduling for Home Builders with Microsoft Project
Look: It’s a high-quality home built on time and within budget! It’s not crazy talk. It’s possible when you master project scheduling to lower overhead and boost profits. This book teaches you how to create efficient schedules to monitor and control construction progress using Microsoft® Project 2010.

Think Sold! Creating Home Sales in Any Market
Pop into the universe of new home sales, where the object of the game is to approach sales and life from a position of optimism. The player who creates the most successful outcomes wins. Play your prospecting, greeting, qualifying, presenting, demonstrating, and closing cards right and you could have the most sales in your area.

ValueMatch Selling for Home Builders
Become a ValueMatch seller. It’s a matching game where you match what a homebuyer wants with homes you sell that meet these wants. As you move through the process, pick up cards to build rapport within the first 60 seconds, establish a relationship, make a dynamic presentation to make it to the closing circle, where you complete the sale.

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