Housing’s Top Priorities for the 2022 Legislative Conference

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In preparation for the 2022 Legislative Conference next month in Washington, D.C., NAHB members are encouraged to attend a live webinar on Thursday, May 12, to learn more about the key issues to discuss with their legislators.

The Issues Briefing Webinar will feature NAHB policy experts who will provide members with the most impactful and timely information on the challenges facing the housing industry. These high-priority topics will include strategies to address:

  • Volatile prices and availability of building materials
  • Diminishing housing affordability conditions
  • Burdensome federal, state and local building regulations
  • Skyrocketing Inflation and interest rates

In addition to the webinar, the NAHB Government Affairs team has compiled a variety of resources for members to help ensure their Legislative Conference meetings are a success. These tools include directories, lobbying tips, template meeting invitations, and a detailed brochure filled with key facts about the housing industry.

To access these resources and register for the Issues Briefing Webinar on Thursday, May 12 at 2 p.m. ET, visit nahb.org/legcon.

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