How Well Is Your Business Prepared for a Post-COVID Workplace?

Business Management

The events of 2020 caused many companies to shift their operations dramatically, from how to engage with customers to remote operations to implementing new technology. As companies continue to adapt in the changing pandemic environment, it’s a good time to revisit current business operations, and explore opportunities for success in 2021 and beyond.

The IBSx Education & Exhibitor Showcase offers a number of business management sessions to help strengthen and grow your business, including these popular sessions: Pants Optional: Why Working Remotely Can Be Better for Operations & Company Culture

Many companies, including home builders, were forced to transition to a remote working environment in 2020. But is a permanent remote working environment a realistic option for your company? Learn proven technologies and time-tested operational adjustments from three companies that successfully navigated transitioning to a fully remote model years before the events of 2020.

"Loved this session so much," stated one IBSx attendee. “Awesome nuggets of information.”

Designing Your Ideal Week: Effective Time Management Through Block Scheduling

Learn how to create an ideal week and build muscle memory for the operations of your business. With block scheduling in place, you’ll be able to communicate more clearly, lead more effectively and identify tasks to delegate — leaving you much more time to focus on the important tasks that drive your business’ growth.

5 Steps to Improve Your Bottom Line by 5%

A 5% increase in your bottom line may seem ambitious, especially given what the industry has been through over the last year. But as your business evolves and demands for your time increase, not to mention a market in constant flux, even the most seasoned leaders can miss opportunities to increase revenues and decrease expenses. Explore five overlooked or forgotten areas that provide you with actionable strategies to capture that valuable 5%.

IBSx registrants can access all of this information through June 30, 2021. Not yet registered? Sign up by March 31 to gain access.

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