2021 Marketing Tips Every Builder Should Know

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Staying on top of home-buying trends is critical to creating effective marketing campaigns to target today's prospective buyers. In the wake of COVID-19, many trends leading into the pandemic have either shifted or accelerated, including how people live in their homes and what features are important to them.

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Now is a great time to hone your knowledge and your skills with these top sessions from the IBSx Education & Exhibitor Showcase:

Shift Happens, Have You? Rethinking Your Marketing & Sales Strategies

The housing industry has been launched into a massive shift, and the choice is to either embrace new ways of selling and marketing or be replaced by those who will. Learn how to adjust your messaging, accept necessary strategy changes and push your traffic, leads and sales into overdrive.

"My favorite presentation that I attended," stated one IBSx attendee.

Adapt or Be Left Behind: Lessons Learned from Online Sales Counselors

Now more than ever, onsite sales agents need to adopt some of the knowledge and techniques that online sales counselors have embraced for almost two decades. It's no longer a matter of whether we should utilize technology, but a fact that those who don't adapt will be left behind. Discover tools to engage buyers and receive insights to empower a winning team working cohesively to produce more sales.

Selling Health & Comfort: 3 Keys to Successfully Marketing the Homes Customers Now Demand

The COVID-19 crisis is driving Americans to re-evaluate their needs and wants in a home. Healthier homes and efficient spaces are high on this list. Learn how you can position your company to align with consumers' shifting expectations on health, comfort, energy efficiency, square footage and solar — and thrive.

"This was a fantastic presentation — one of the best I have viewed," shared another IBSx attendee. "It was easy to understand and highlighted key things using supporting data. It was also really great to show the application of the concepts."

Beyond 'Boost': Effective Facebook Ad Setup

More than 86% of marketers use Facebook and other social media advertising over traditional print media. But effective Facebook advertising is far more than clicking the boost button under your most recent post. Learn how to achieve specific goals, target the right audience and design creative ads to get the best return on your social media ad investment.

2021 Sales Rally: Future‐Proof Your Sales Skills

Just as fast as the market paused amid the pandemic, it turned around and took off like a rocket ship, accelerating the adoption of new sales techniques. From prospecting and demonstrating to follow-up and closing, the Rally's panel of industry experts will show you how to streamline your processes, build resilience, leverage technology and harness the energy of this wild market.

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