Winter Safety Tips for Homes and Jobsites

Disaster Response

Powerful winter storms this week have led to more than 70% of the United States covered in snow. Like many homes and businesses in its surrounding region, The Dallas Builders Association office sustained damage after record low temperatures and unexpected power outages made it challenging to keep pipes warm. The local association shared a video with steps home owners can take to minimize water damage, which might not occur until after the pipes thaw. Turning off your water supply will limit the damage to the pipes themselves and protect the rest of the home from water that leaks from them.

NAHB also has compiled as list of resources to help those impacted stay warm and stay safe in their homes as arctic blasts sweeps the nation.

  • Staying Safe During a Winter Storm. Tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for heating your home, lighting your home if there is a power outage and using generators and other appliances safely.
  • Blizzard Safety. The American Red Cross has information about conserving fuel while at home and staying warm.
  • How to Protect Yourself from Winter Weather. includes important information about how to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.
  • National Weather Service. Follow the National Weather Service for winter weather advisories and warnings for your area.

Winter Weather Safety on Jobsites

Winter can be an especially tricky time for safety personnel on home building jobsites. But the pandemic adds another dimension to jobsite safety plans during the cold weather months. To help builders stay safe from the elements and the coronavirus this winter, review this recent blog post that includes OSHA guidance for workers on jobsite.

To prepare businesses for any future winter weather event, the U.S. Small Business Administration publishes a severe winter weather preparation checklist.

For more information or resources on disaster recovery, please visit NAHB’s Disaster Recovery Toolkit or contact Jonathan Falk, field specialist for disaster relief, at 800-386-5242 x8005.

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