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Members across the Federation are stepping up to address the labor shortages facing the industry by leading events in communities virtually and in-person. NAHB is inviting all those who led or participated in workforce development events to submit their story and attend the Workforce Development Champions Forum webinar on Feb. 1 at 2 p.m. ET. Join other industry leaders in a dynamic discussion of best practices, overcoming challenges with in-person or virtual events and information on how to lay the groundwork for activities in 2021. If you've completed one or more of the following activities, you are a workforce development champion:

At schools:

  • Guest speaking or guest lecturing virtually or in-person, which enables students to make connections between their coursework and real-life careers.
  • Serving as an advisor virtually or in-person by identifying, developing and regularly reviewing curriculum or serving on an advisory board or committee.
  • Donating equipment to ensure students have access to appropriate instruments for their respective career fields.
Within your company:
  • Providing job shadowing opportunities virtually or in-person so students can see real-world examples of careers in action.
  • Offering internships virtually or in-person, to connect students to industry experts.
  • Hosting teacher externships virtually or in-person to help instructors and faculty keep pace with the rapidly changing workplace.
In your community:
  • Participating in career day events to share information about the industry and connect with students and the community.
  • Judging student competitions hosted by local or national organizations, such as NAHB or Skills USA, to provide industry expertise.
To share your experience with NAHB, please complete this form. The Workforce Development Champions Forum webinar on Feb. 1 is open to all those interested in building up the next generation of skilled workers. Register now. For more information, contact Greg Zick.

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