Spike Recognition in Full Force This November

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Member-to-member recruitment is the most effective source of growth for the Federation, and the NAHB Spike Program recognizes those members who take the time to prioritize those efforts.

November is Spike Appreciation Month, a time when all HBAs are encouraged to thank the dedicated "Spikes" for their outstanding achievements in member recruitment and retention. Throughout the month, HBAs across the country are finding creative ways to show Spikes their appreciation.

"Spikes are the backbone of a local HBA," said Karyl Bohnsack, executive officer of The Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders Association (GICHBA). "They have found the benefits of membership that they're passionate about and expertly share that information to recruit new members and promote the growth of our association."

With the restrictions of COVID-19, Bohnsack decided to makes this year's Spike celebration a component of the GICHBA's virtual annual meeting. She also developed a social media campaign to spotlight members who have hit Spike status and also honoring those who are Life Spikes. In addition to social media, the Spikes will get special shout-outs in upcoming HBA newsletters.

"Spikes play a major role for us, as almost all of our membership drives throughout the state of Washington incentivize member-to-member recruiting," said Nick Gilliland, membership committee chair of the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW). "We've learned that having these engaged members telling the HBA's story at the local level is by far the most effective way to reach new members and improve retention."

For more than a decade, BIAW has hosted an exclusive summer Spike party, where members come together for themed events, prize drawings, games and music. In the absence of in-person gatherings this summer, the Spikes will get special recognition during BIAW's upcoming November board meeting, in its monthly magazine and on social media. Spikes at the BIAW will also receive either a branded wristband or specially designed pin to proudly show their status.

Spikes earn one credit for each new Builder or Associate member they recruit and sponsor. They also receive:

  • Increased visibility, recognition and networking opportunities at industry events
  • Unique and valuable lapel pins for each level of achievement
  • Additional VIP treatment throughout the year

Organizing a Spike Club at your HBA will further encourage participation in membership development and other HBA activities. Additionally, it will motivate more members to gain Spike status so they, too, can enjoy the fun and prestige of participating in Spike Club activities.

Interested in becoming a Spike? Read more about it here.

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