Longtime 'Spike' Says Membership Drive Kick-Started Her Career

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The best spokespersons for promoting the benefits of NAHB membership to other industry professionals are, in fact, the members themselves. And among those who dedicate their time to this effort, the most successful achieve "Spike" status for consistently helping the Federation grow stronger. [caption id="attachment_19590" align="alignright" width="225"] Alma Jacobs has been a member of her local HBAs for more than 40 years and a Spike for nearly just as long.[/caption] Someone who became a Spike early in her career and quickly learned the value of membership is Alma Jacobs, Carolina's builder relationship manager with Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group. Jacobs has been a member of the Lake Norman HBA and HBA of Greater Charlotte for more than 40 years. She vividly remembers shortly after she initially joined, a contest was held as part of the HBA's membership drive in which the top recruiter would win free airfare and registration to the International Builders' Show. Not having many connections or any recruiting experience at the time, Jacobs decided to attend her first membership drive meeting. There, she absorbed all the information she could about the benefits of HBA membership and how to promote those benefits to prospective members. By the end of the drive, Jacobs had recruited a total of 42 members, earning her the top prize and solidifying her Spike status. And in the process of helping her HBA grow, she also helped her career grow. "The main lesson I learned was to simply get involved, even if it might take you a little out of your comfort zone at first," Jacobs said. ā€œ"By being involved, people got to know me, and I got to know them. As a result, my career grew, and I soon became a top producing mortgage lender." Jacobs went on to become the first female to be inducted to the North Carolina Housing Hall of Fame in 2012 and is now working with builders across the Carolinas to help them achieve their business goals. She continues to volunteer her time to support all levels of the Federation, with a strong interest in growing membership. Since joining the Spike Club, she has an impressive total of 1,764 Spike credits for recruiting and retaining members. "Alma Jacobs is just one inspiring example of the many Spikes across the country who are working hard to show prospective members what our 3-in-1 membership has to offer," said NAHB Membership Committee Chair Rich Robinson. "It can open the door for someone to get involved with a rewarding volunteer opportunity that evolves into an ongoing effort by the member to engage and serve the HBA." November is Spike Appreciation Month, and Jacobs' story helps illustrate the mutual benefits of membership and the value of Spikes to the industry. "I've had wonderful opportunities throughout my career," she said, "and I give credit to the opportunities offered by NAHB for a large part of my successes."

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