Why Home Builders Should Offer Smart Home Leak Detectors

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Most home builders know the value of incorporating smart home technology into their builds, and if there's one device they shouldn't overlook, it's smart leak detectors.

Marble countertops and exposed beams aren't the only features buyers want. And home builders know that, which is why they've incorporated more smart home tech over the years. This addition gives potential buyers the modern and customizable environment they seek while also providing builders the opportunity to differentiate developments without breaking the bank.

Statistics show homes will increasingly incorporate technology, and consumers will want it.

Data shows smart home technology, just like home design features, is a significant consideration for potential buyers. And home builders have an opportunity to capitalize on this interest to introduce and sell an elevated way of living that is hyper-customizable.

While the market offers options, there's one device builders shouldn't overlook: smart leak detectors. Their necessity lies in the ability to alert and help home owners reduce water damage risk, thereby protecting the home buyers' investment — and their personal belongings.

Leak Detection Devices are a Must

Smart leak detectors go beyond comfort to offer a necessary service, without which can result in catastrophic home damage. A few reasons they should be a part of smart home tech offerings:

  • Reduce the chance of water damage, which is 7 times more likely to occur than fire damage, according to Insurance Information Institute.
  • Show you have buyers' best interest at heart by protecting their investment.
  • Offer customers comfort, convenience, cost savings and, above all, peace of mind.

Leak Detector Features to Look For

While devices offer a range of capabilities, the most advanced leak protection offerings have these key features.

  • Instant Updates. Real-time notifications are crucial for staying informed and stopping a potential problem, so look for devices that show customers water data and usage 24/7.
  • Multiple Alert Types. A leak alert can protect homes from major water damage, but there are other things that can indicate a forthcoming leak. Look for diverse alert types, such as abnormal usage, freeze and pressure alerts, so home owners can prevent leaks before they happen.
  • Shut-off Valve. Getting an alert is a preventative first step. Devices with a shut-off valve, such as the StreamLabs Control, give home owners more control, allowing them to turn off the water until they can call a plumber.
  • Compatibility. For further connectivity, look for smart leak detectors that can integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so users can receive water data and take actions just by using their voice.

StreamLabs is the smart home leak detection brand from Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), a market leader and manufacturer of water control systems and plumbing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Get to know StreamLabs and its full range of capabilities at StreamLabsWater.com or at 1-877-700-4242.

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