What Voters are Saying About Housing During the Elections

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Housing has long been a key economic driver. So in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and at the culmination of the 2020 elections, housing is an especially critical topic.  

NAHB recently surveyed more than 2,200 registered voters from across the country to learn more about how housing has been impacted by COVID-19 and how it could play a role in the upcoming elections. The survey confirmed that housing availability and affordability are growing concerns for many Americans, and that the pandemic has only compounded these issues.

Among the key findings, a larger portion of respondents feels that the Democratic party is more likely to address housing affordability than the Republican party. The results also show the large majority of respondents are in favor of an additional financial stimulus.

Some of the survey's other questions specifically asked voters:

  • How they have used their federal stimulus checks;
  • If they are more likely to make home improvements, as working remotely becomes more common; and
  • Where they would prefer to buy their next home, in the wake of COVID-19.

The results can be viewed on the NAHB Housing Portal, which also offers a wealth of additional information about the state of housing at the national, state and congressional district levels. The Housing Portal is an easy-to-use resource for industry professionals as well as the general public. Visitors can also easily create downloadable reports to share with their colleagues, clients and legislative contacts.

Visit nahb.org/portal. Additional voter resources regarding housing are available here.

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