The Future of Urban and Suburban Housing in the Wake of COVID-19

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The pandemic has dramatically changed how most Americans view their homes. The need for more spaces within a home for work, schooling and exercise have driven many to evaluate where they live.

Suburban developments often offer more space for a lower price. With so many people acclimatized to working from home, the extra commute time is no longer a barrier to suburban homeownership. But what happens to urban home building if more people move?

This will be discussed in depth in an NAHB webinar on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 2 p.m. ET. The Future of Urban and Suburban Housing in the Wake of COVID-19 will answer questions about the demand for suburban versus urban housing.

The critical elements driving suburban, urban, for-sale, and rental demand across the U.S. will be explored by a stellar panel of experts:

  • Dr. Robert Dietz - Chief Economist, NAHB
  • John Affleck - VP, Market Analytics, Costar
  • Svenja Gudell - Chief Economist, Zillow Group
  • Charles Elliott - President, Toll Brothers Apartment Living
  • Richard M. Gollis - Co-Founder and Principal, The Concord Group

The webinar will help participants:

  • Understand how the housing landscape is changing in the wake of the pandemic and how developers are addressing the new realities.
  • Explore how developers are approaching the need for more affordable urban, suburban, rental and for-sale housing.
  • Identify the prospects for development in urban, walkable suburban, low-density suburban, exurban and rural locations.
  • Learn how the townhouse and single family built-for-rent sector will grow in the near future.

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