Safe and Clean Bathrooms Boost Employee Morale

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Research shows that employees with high morale are generally happy employees. Happier employees tend to be more productive, and productive employees drive business success. Employee morale should consistently be a business priority, and while providing clean and convenient bathrooms is not only a requirement for employers, it's also the perfect opportunity to boost employee morale.

Bathrooms tend to be one of the busiest locations within a business, and they require constant attention. According to research conducted by Kimberly Clark, the average American worker uses the company restroom three to four times per day. This study also found that 71% of office workers saw the restroom as a reflection of the management. It shouldn’t matter if that restroom is located in a building, in a trailer or on a worksite — every employer should provide employees a safe and clean bathroom experience.

Contractors should consider the ROI of more engaged employees when budgeting for the portable restrooms on your site. Portable sanitation service providers offer a range of units for worksites:

  • Standard Restroom Unit — a basic porta potty that provides simple restroom amenities.
  • Flushing Restroom Unit — combines the simplicity of the standard restroom with the comfort of a flushing toilet with a concealed waste tank. Like a traditional porta potty, the flushing restroom has a small footprint to maintain the mobility of your job site.
  • Hand Hygiene Stations — all portable restrooms should be accompanied with hand hygiene stations, preferably a portable sink that provides running water, soap and paper towels. When space doesn’t allow, hand sanitizer stations are a good substitute.
  • Restroom Trailer — contains plumbing for running water and electricity for lights and air conditioning, creating a superior bathroom experience. Trim levels range from basic with standard fixtures to high-end luxury options with enhanced amenities. Restroom trailers come in a variety of sizes from two stalls to nine stalls.

Keeping workplace restrooms clean is crucial to employee satisfaction and to the success of a company. It paints a bigger picture, and proves that no detail is too small for management to notice and take pride in. In return, if an employee is proud of where they work, it motivates them to perform better and increases productivity.

United Site Services (USS) is the nation's leading provider in portable sanitation, hand hygiene stations and temporary site services. Let the team of industry leading experts recommend the right equipment and service schedule to help keep your project safe, clean and a positive experience for your crew. With coast-to-coast coverage, turn to USS for all your site services needs including portable restrooms and trailers, hand hygiene stations, temporary fence and roll off dumpster needs. Learn more.

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