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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the industry to face a number of unprecedented obstacles, including construction site closures, disrupted supply chains and operational restrictions. Although building-related services are essential to ensuring communities are adequately housed –and in some cases aiding recovery through the construction of new healthcare facilities–the sector has still suffered financially. In fact, research from McKinsey Global Institute suggests that longer-term lockdowns and severe restrictions could result in economic activity not returning to 2019 levels until 2023 at the earliest.

To offset some of the financial burden many contractors have undoubtedly experienced in recent months, home builders have a unique opportunity to help employees and their families cope with the persistent uncertainty.

One of the most proactive ways to support those hit hardest by the downturn is to set up an emergency relief fund. By establishing a program funded in part by company investment, as well as donations from fellow employees, businesses can actively engage their staff while also aiding those most in need.

Another approach to helping ensure your workforce is well-equipped to make sound spending decisions is to offer financial planning consultations with an in-house expert or third-party provider. Giving employees access to the assistance of a financial advisor can inspire informed decision-making, improve their finances and alleviate stress – ultimately resulting in a happier and more productive employee.

Lastly, encouraging staff to take advantage of easy-to-use loyalty programs can keep hard-earned money in their pockets. For example, Shell Fleet Solutions now offers home builders, who are either reimbursed for fuel expenses or drive an employer-issued car, a chance to earn savings for personal fill-ups. Fuel Rewards Pro™ is a zero-cost loyalty program that offers personal incentives without requiring buy-in or effort from the larger fleet, allowing individual home builders to earn five cents per gallon on personal fill ups when they fill up while on the clock.

To start earning five cents per gallon towards future personal fill-ups, users simply obtain a Fuel Rewards Pro ID by downloading the mobile app or visiting Then, users enter their Fuel Rewards Pro ID at the pump during each work vehicle fill-up of at least 10 gallons of fuel. The five cents per gallon reward is automatically added to the user’s account, which can then be used with any other rewards accrued to the account on up to 20 gallons off their next personal fill-up. At each subsequent personal fill-up, drivers enrolled in Fuel Rewards Pro will enter their personal ID or use linked credit or debit card, which automatically grants the choice to use rewards earned in the account.

As you navigate the road ahead, Shell Fleet Solutions remains committed to helping keep your employees safe, company vehicles cared for and daily operations running smoothly. To learn more about Fuel Rewards Pro at Shell, visit

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