Global Innovation Award Winner Sees a Shift in Home Construction Coming

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Mitul Patel, Director of Residential Product Management at Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US, sees a rise in modular home construction in the coming years and believes his company is perfectly positioned to help builders meet their climate control needs.

"HVAC systems will need to be designed for easier access and serviceability, as well as improvements in efficiency," says Patel.

Mitsubishi designed one of its products, the SLZ-KF Four-way Ceiling-Cassette Indoor Unit, specifically with this in mind. The SLZ-KF won the 2019 Global Innovation Award for External/Internal Product of the Year for such focus.

The unit deploys a new 3D-turbo fan, boosting the heat exchange performance by amplifying the airflow rate without increasing power usage or sound levels. The SLZ-KF also offers an optional 3D i-see Sensor® that calculates the room occupancy rate and allows only occupied space to be heated or cooled.

For home building and service professionals, Mitsubishi made the system easier to install by including slotted screw holes, eliminating the need for screws to be removed when installing and servicing the unit and added temporary hanging clips so that the grille can be installed by just one individual.

Patel notes that the company's more than three years of NAHB membership have led to some of the innovations. Through committee and council participation, "the company is able to adjust our products and strategies to meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s builders," he said.

Patel also recognizes the impact that winning a GIA has on a product marketed to home builders. "Since winning the NAHB Global Innovation Award, we've had an influx of new builders and designers inquiring about the SLZ-KF product," he said. "This award has significantly elevated our visibility and brand awareness in the HVAC marketplace."

The 2020 Global Innovation Awards program is accepting applications through Nov. 30. Apply today through the NAHB Awards Portal.

For more information about the Global Innovation Awards, contact Giuliana Nava-Cord.

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