Dallas HBA Finds Membership Opportunities Despite COVID-19 Challenges

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The Dallas Builders Association took home the prestigious NAHB Membership Cup in 2018 for outstanding achievement in membership efforts. Two years later, the association is still going strong after yet another very successful membership drive last month.

NAHB recently spoke with Phil Crone, EO of the Dallas BA, about the association’s continued success and how it has managed to overcome the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

NAHB: Your membership plan in 2018 was about growth in all areas of your HBA, how have you continued to rally members around membership growth?

Crone: The events of this year created their own rallying cry. What seemed like some of our darkest moments turned into one of our finest hours when we kept the industry open with help from NAHB and the Texas Association of Builders. This COVID-19 pandemic has galvanized and strengthened our HBA community and brought us closer together. That synergy will help us transcend today's challenges and the ones that could come in the months ahead.

NAHB: How were you able to maintain a successful membership drive last month while still complying with CDC and social distancing guidelines?

Crone: Having a large group of members spending the day at our office working the phones as we have done in the past just wasn't prudent, so we went virtual in September. Members still worked the same prospect lists that they would in a normal year and were largely successful communicating all we have and continue to accomplish. For the year, our membership is up about 4% and we crossed the 1,100 Builder and Associate member threshold for only the second time in the past five years.

NAHB: What advice would you give to other HBAs that may be experiencing challenges navigating membership, especially in 2020?

Crone: See opportunity in every difficulty. Let members know you're looking out for them. Let them know what you're doing to address what keeps them up at night. Write original articles, do video updates and be proactive with your local media. Be the type of assured, trustworthy leader that the world needs these days.

For more information, visit the NAHB Annual Membership Awards web page. Or contact Michael Davey with any questions.

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