NAHB Legal Action Fund Still Taking Applications

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Amid the coronavirus crisis, NAHB continues to advocate for and support our members — including their legal battles. The NAHB Legal Action Fund is currently accepting applications from state and local home builders associations (HBAs), as well as their builder/developer members, for financial assistance in litigation that has the potential to significantly affect the industry. Applications are due May 15. This round will be considered in June at the 2020 Spring Board of Directors Meeting in Washington, D.C. The NAHB Legal Action Committee administers the fund, giving priority to nationally significant cases or those that address issues commonly faced by builders or developers. Recent examples include environmental issues, impact fees and sewer connection fees, and zoning regulations. Where possible, cases should be brought to the committee early in the litigation process. The fund should be used primarily in a proactive role, encouraging and supporting the filing of high-quality litigation that addresses major industry issues. The Legal Action Committee considers applications during each of the NAHB Board of Directors meetings and makes recommendations for grants for NAHB Board of Directors' approval. For additional information, contact Amy Chai.

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