Global Innovation Award Winner Wants the U.S. to Adopt Panelized Construction

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Ken Calligar, CEO of RSG 3-D, an advanced technology structural panel manufacturer in business since 1996, is somewhat of an evangelist for panelized home construction in the United States. "Imagine the benefits of a 'future-proof' community built using RSG 3-D Structural Panel homes," said Calligar. "It would be safe against hurricane, wildfire, tornados, and earthquakes. And it is affordable." He notes that the United States has historically lagged the rest of the world in the use of panelized building, which he considers to be the equivalent of ignoring the emergence of computers and mobile phones. RSG 3-D's small homes division, RESILIENCE ADU, won the 2019 NAHB Global Innovation Award for Leadership Product. Judges recognized RSG 3-D and RESILIENCE ADU for its unique ability to create resilient, energy-efficient, healthy and affordable housing. The system is ICC Evaluated and Certified and surpasses California’s Title 24 energy code. RESILIENCE ADU takes the proven RSG 3-D Structural Panel and scales it to affordable and disaster-resilient housing. The globally available system creates non-combustible, hurricane-resilient and earthquake-resilient buildings. Calligar said that his NAHB membership has been critical to the rollout of this new offering. "Through our participation in NAHB Building Systems Councils and IBS 2019 and 2020, we have been globally discovered," he noted. "These are exhausting shows, but it is very exciting for our team of nationwide builders to see the 'Aha!' moment when another builder sees the future." He also notes that a major relationship with Andersen Windows came from contact initiated on the Building System Councils. "We are now breaking ground on 600 units of housing in Texas with Andersen and have spec'd them into developments in South Carolina and New Hampshire," said Calligar. "It’s great to have high quality partners along for the ride." For more information about the Global Innovation Awards, contact Giuliana Nava-Cord.

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