Statement of NAHB 2021 Third Vice Chairman Candidate Carl Harris

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The NAHB Nominations Committee has certified one candidate for 2021 Third Vice Chairman: Carl Harris, from Wichita, Kan., who is a member of the Wichita Area Builders Association. He will address the NAHB Leadership Council in June at the Spring Leadership Meetings in Washington, D.C. Here is his statement. Carl Harris has been a builder of homes and commercial buildings in Newton, Kan., since the early 1980’s. Carl received a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1983 from Wichita State University. In 1985, Carl, with his father and sister, founded Carl Harris Co., Inc., a specialty subcontracting firm specializing in structural steel and precast concrete erection services. Since then, Carl’s business has diversified and grown into several off-shoots that cover residential building and commercial construction, with affiliations with firms in drywall installation, plumbing and property management services. Over the last 34+ years, Carl has helped to change the skylines and increase property values throughout southcentral Kansas. Carl’s dedication to his home state, the people in his community and the betterment of home building standards locally and nationally position him well to serve you and the Federation. Carl has also served as mayor of his hometown of Newton and served on the Planning Commission. Carl and his wife Lori enjoy working together in their business and serving their community.

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