A Note from Alicia Huey, Candidate for Third Vice Chairman of NAHB

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This year has been a very exciting year for me as I have met numerous members nationwide while campaigning for NAHB’s Third Vice Chair. My husband, Don and I enjoyed visiting associations all over the country. I’d like to thank Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, Washington State, California and Texas for your warm hospitality and making both of us feel welcome. I enjoyed talking to my fellow Builders and Associates and learning what issues they face in their local markets. From coast to coast, we all really face the same issues; some are just on a much larger scale.

There are two issues that continue to come to the forefront that I am a keenly focused on: workforce development and codes.

You’ve heard me speak about codes during our Spring Leadership Meeting in Washington, D.C., and again at our Fall Meeting in New Orleans. Developing sensible building codes is one of my goals. The codes that are developed need to make sense for both the home owner and the builder. In the process of building a house, we work within code guidelines daily, and it is painfully clear that some of them just don’t make sense. We have many NAHB code experts that are hard at work on behalf of our Federation, but we as individuals need to do our part too. This means taking time to build relationships with local code offices and signing up for the One and Done program.

Workforce development and mentoring programs go hand in hand. We need to work to increase the number of student chapters nationwide. Take time to attend the Student Competition at IBS to see how much these students learn by participating and how these chapters can fill our future employee and trade partner pipeline.  As we continue to compete with commercial builders for talent, we need to continue to bolster our student programs. It is up to us to solve this problem – each one, reach one!

I am excited about our Federation and our ability to reach the membership nationwide is something I will continue to focus on. NAHB gives all of us a place to belong. Our councils and committees are often how members first get involved.  NAHB gives all of us (Builders and Associates) a voice and ensures that we not only survive, but that we thrive in business.

I will be asking members of the Leadership Council for their vote of confidence and support at IBS. Let’s come together with one voice to make a difference.

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