Spike Spotlight: Recruitment Lessons from a Young Professional

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During the month of November, member recruitment leaders (aka "Spikes") across the country are recognized for their dedication to grow membership. These members volunteer their time and energy to bring new faces into our association community. [caption id="attachment_16643" align="alignright" width="240"] Jessica Percel is a construction coordinator at Taylor Morrison.[/caption] Jessica Percel, a construction coordinator at Taylor Morrison, has been a proud Spike for just over a year. Her fresh perspective is a driving force in her ability to recruit successfully. Being a member of the Young Professionals Committee, she understands the need to bring new life into associations. Percel spoke with NAHB about her experience as a young recruiter and why it’s crucial to bring in budding professionals like herself: What motivates you to recruit members? My motivation for recruiting new members is the opportunity to grow all three associations: Local, state and national. Being a part of Young Professionals definitely helps. It allows me to invite potential new members to events, which allows them to meet and greet other like-minded individuals who are still in the earlier stages of their careers. What advice would you give to someone just starting out? Find a council or committee or an event that interests you. Whether it be Young Professionals, Professional Women in Building or PAC, find something that speaks to you and get involved! It is the best way to learn about the association and to meet new people. What’s in it for you to recruit? New Members! New people to educate about the association. New people to get engaged. New people bring even more new people! How have your efforts changed since when you first started to recruit? When I first started, I was very green. I didn’t know how to have the conversations of ‘why’ and I also didn’t know how to successfully explain the benefits. But since being involved on all 3 levels of the association, it has taught me a great deal. I love that I learn new things every day to be able to have better conversations and tell individuals ‘why’ to join. Why is it important that younger members get involved? We are the future of the association and this industry. If we want to continue doing what we love ⁠—building houses and dreams — we need to start getting more involved. The only way that we can continue the legacy that our senior leaders have set forth is to engage young professionals on every single level. Show Spikes your appreciation this month by giving them a shout out on social media or by customizing and sending your own "Thank You" cards through MyCampaign. Also, please watch and share a special video message from NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde that will go out to all Spikes. 

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