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This post has been updated. More than a dozen NAHB members were recently recognized by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Housing Innovation Awards at the EEBA High Performance Home Summit in October. Each year, the DOE recognizes builders in various categories for leading the industry in building zero energy ready homes, or homes that are verified to meet federal standards on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and durability. Categories for the awards include innovation in:
  • Affordable homes
  • Custom homes for buyer (small and large)
  • Custom homes built on spec
  • Multifamily
  • Production homes
DOE also recognizes a company with the most zero energy-ready homes built award. In the production home category, NAHB member Thrive Home Builders took the grand prize with its Panacea home, which features a HERS Index of 8 with solar panels, a tankless hot water heater with a .96 energy factor, ENERGY STAR appliances, and 100% LED lighting. Thrive’s Chief Operating Officer Stephen Myers stated: "Being a 100% participant in the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program means that we don’t just build high-performance homes, we've built a high-performance brand that provides a meaningful, differentiated message to the marketplace. And while energy efficiency is an essential part of high-performance building, ZERH provides a platform that expands the meaning of high performance beyond energy efficiency into improved indoor air quality and water conservation. These aspects of the program are key in supporting the message that a high-performance home is a BETTER home, not just a more energy efficient one." The grand winner in the large custom homes for buyer category was NAHB member Mantell-Hecathorn Builders in Durango, Colo. The Glacier Club Modern Home boasts a 7.2-kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic system, smart thermostats, lighting automation, WaterSense fixtures that help conserve water, and drought-resistant landscaping. As defined by DOE's Sam Rashkin, leadership is "recognizing a hard problem and doing something about it." By leading the way in building high-performance homes and participating in voluntary above-code programs such as zero energy ready homes, ENERGY STAR for homes and the National Green Building Standard (NGBS), NAHB members are helping move the needle toward making comfortable, healthier, highly efficient homes the new normal. Below is the full list of NAHB members recognized for their housing innovation: Innovation in Affordable Homes:
  • Habitat for Humanity of Catawba Valley
Innovation in Custom Homes for Buyer (Small):
  • Bellingham Bay Builders
  • Clifton View Homes
  • Deltec Homes
  • Ferrier Custom Homes
Innovation in Custom Homes for Buyer (Large):
  • Amaris Homes
  • Health-E Community Enterprises of Virginia
  • Mantell-Hecathorn Builders – Grand Winner
  • TC Legend Homes
  • Tim O’Brien Homes
Innovation in Custom Homes Built on Spec:
  • Charis Homes – Grand Winner
  • CVF Homes
  • Sareth Builders
Innovation in Multifamily Homes:
  • Philgreen Construction
Innovation in Production Homes:
  • Insight Homes
  • Thrive Home Builders – Grand Winner
For more information about NAHB’s sustainable and green building programs, contact Program Manager Anna Stern. To stay current on the high-performance residential building sector, follow NAHB’s Sustainability and Green Building team on Twitter.  

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