Trump Signs Executive Orders to Combat Government Overreach

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President Trump this week signed two executive orders that the White House said “will improve the transparency and fairness of government agencies and ensure that they are held accountable.” This is part of the ongoing effort by the Trump administration to rein in government overreach and reduce burdensome regulations that harm small businesses and economic growth. The Improved Agency Guidance Documents executive order requires agencies to put their guidance documents on easily searchable publicly accessible websites. The executive order will also require government agencies to seek public input on the most important guidance they issue and allow individuals to ask the agencies to withdraw guidance they believe is wrong. The Transparency and Fairness executive order prohibits federal agencies from enforcing rules they have not made publicly known in advance. The order also instructs agencies to offer opinion letters to individuals and businesses who request them, so people who want to comply with the law can learn how. View this White House fact sheet.

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