Advanced Lighting Technology That Goes Next Level

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[caption id="attachment_16515" align="alignright" width="200"] A client with a dome observatory integrated advanced lighting technology to create an optimized stargazing experience.[/caption] Residential lighting is rapidly evolving, not only in its architectural applications, but also for its biological benefits of potentially enhancing one's sleep, mood and productivity. One example of advanced lighting technology's countless applications was noted by the integration firm Service TECH, Inc. of Cedar Park, Texas. During a recent project with one of its clients — an avid stargazer — Service TECH found solutions to create optimal lighting that would enhance a fully automated dome observatory, complete with a high-powered telescope. "With just a push of a button on a touch-panel screen, the [lighting of the] entire house can now turn into a special, reddish hue color for ideal viewing," said Shannon Bush, vice president of Service TECH. "The client can then send the hi-resolution imagery of the night sky to his PC for capture or over to his Sony 4K Dolby Atmos Theater for additional viewing on the 120-inch Black Diamond screen." Because the home owner had requested whole-home colored lighting, Bush created a simplified control for changing the rooms. For this particular project, the company chose Crestron's 10-inch touch panels, on which the user can control the lighting levels and colors of the entire home or individual rooms to create the desired effect. Various “scenes” and pre-programmed lighting scenarios can also be selected. "For example, the 'Day' scene follows the natural rhythms of light from cool to warm throughout the house," Bush said. Integrations were also applied to the exterior of the home. "The house is highly visible, as it sits on a hill, and the exterior can be effortlessly lit up for the holidays or even to match to specific colors, such as those of [the owner's] favorite sports team." This guest post was provided by Ed Wenck, content director for CEDIA, the industry association representing those professionals who manufacture, design and integrate goods and services for the connected home. 

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