Tips for Optimizing Your Company’s Social Media Presence on Mobile Devices

Business Management
Getting noticed on social media isn’t easy, but there are some things you can do to break through the clutter, help your posts get seen and even attract followers. And more and more people are consuming social media on their phones. That means you need to make sure your marketing strategy is mobile first. Here are a few tips from Social Media Marketing for Your Business, published by NAHB BuilderBooks, to ensure your social strategy is firmly planted in 2019:
  • Check all social media sites from your smartphone on a regular basis. Make sure the page's header image and other graphics look right on your phone.
  • Use photos, graphics, and other images to break through the clutter. Remember it is a tiny screen and text can be hard to read. Your posts need to catch their attention and be something they want to share.
  • Pin the important stuff to the top. Both Facebook and Twitter allow stories to be pinned prominently to the top of a page. Showcase important events, but remember to change them periodically.
  • Use video everywhere you can. Movement helps catch attention. If you can upload them directly to the site, do it.
  • Maximize your free billboard. All of the social media sites have cover images. Mare sure to change yours frequently and include your promotions, incentives and a call to action.
Mobile is the future of all business, even home building, and it is here now. Make sure you evaluate your mobile presence and get it up to speed. These tips and more can be found in Carol Morgan’s newest book, Social Media Marketing for Your Business, available at

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