4 Reasons Membership Drives are So Effective

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Growing and sustaining membership are among the biggest challenges HBAs face. One of the many ways to overcome them is to regularly host membership drives. In a recent Third Tuesday Townhall webinar, listeners heard from NAHB experts and peers alike on the ins and outs of what make membership drives so successful. In a real example demonstrated by the graph, the darker line shows an association that has consistently achieved growth versus one that has remained stagnant year over year. The difference? The association that represents the darker line engages in a membership drive culture. Membership drives are so effective because they: Are short and focused. It’s a fairly small ask of your members to participate in a drive. Even if members dedicate a minimal amount of time, they have the potential to make an impact. Create a sense of urgency. Drives are an all-hands-on-deck endeavor — like a race to the finish line with everyone reaching a common goal. By offering limited-time incentives to prospects (e.g., free tickets to an upcoming event or money to be spent within the HBA), you are enticing them to join right then and there. Generate excitement among members. To get members engaged, challenge volunteers to hit certain goals.“We try to create teams and pair together people who complement each other,” says Gena Godinez, executive officer of the West Texas Home Builders Association. “That really spurs competition and creates a lot of excitement.” Leveraging your council and committee members during drives is also a great way to get people on board. Committee chairs make the best recruiters, says Charlotte DeSoto BIA Executive Officer Donna Barrett, because “they are passionate about the value of membership" and “have stories to tell.” There is still time to register your fall drive in 2019! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started:
  • If you registered for both spring and fall drives, your recruiters will receive triple Spike credits. If registered for fall only, your recruiters will receive double Spike credits. Register here.
  • Access free digital and print resources to promote your drive. Explore the resources page.
  • Order marketing materials like flyers and postcards. Visit the store.
  • Builder members who recruit the most new members during a fall drive could win a trip to Napa Valley. Find out more.
The next Third Tuesday Townhall — a free, monthly webinar series hosted by NAHB to discuss membership-related topics — will be held Sept. 17, and focus on identifying good recruiters and keeping them happy and invested. RSVP here.

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