Member-to-Member Relationships Key for State and Local Associations

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Last fall, nearly 5,500 new members joined NAHB. But retaining those members is just as important as finding additional members. "When you look at our most engaged members, it’s all people who have been asked to step up and who have been involved personally," NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde said during a recent Third Tuesday Townhall webinar. "This year, NAHB is focused on growth with an even stronger focus on retention, and that is done by establishing and cultivating the relationships we have." During the webinar, Membership Committee Chair Helmut Mundt further illustrated how the connection between an established member and a newly minted one is crucial. "When you invest time in someone, especially someone you don’t know well, they are going to take interest in you. It’s about accelerating the engagement of that new member," Mundt said. Additional keys to success shared during the webinar include:
  • People don’t join organizations, they join people. Think of your association as a community.
  • Get new members involved as early as possible so they can see the benefits of membership.
  • One-third of members renew before their anniversary date. Reaching out before that date shows you are on the pulse of their membership.
New Cash Rewards Program Because retention is such a critical component of membership, NAHB is introducing a new cash rewards program called Attention to Retention. Program incentives include:
  • $100 per member for local associations who improve their first-year retention rates of drive-recruited Builder and Associate members above their established first-year retention rate. Only first-year Builder and Associate members retained by Dec. 31, 2019 will be considered.
  • Up to $10,000 cash toward an upcoming membership drive kick-off party for state HBAs that collectively achieve a 10% improvement in first-year retention over last year by the program end date. For details on state eligibility, read this FAQ.
For more resources, visit NAHB's Recruitment and Retention webpage and the HBA Guide to Better Retention to help with your retention push. To learn more about Attention to Retention, watch a replay of the webinarread the FAQ or contact Rusty Deiss. The next Third Tuesday Townhall — a free, monthly webinar series hosted by NAHB to discuss membership-related topics — will be held Aug. 20. RSVP here.

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