Pro Tips on Becoming an All-Star Member Recruiter

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Member-to-member recruitment and retention efforts are the largest source of growth for NAHB. Recruiting new members to local associations is recognized and rewarded through the Spike Club. Participants are called Spikes, who are among the most valued members of the association. [caption id="attachment_15704" align="alignleft" width="150"] S. Robert August[/caption] Top Spike leader S. Robert August of North Star Synergies, Inc. and the HBA of Metropolitan Denver — with 3,600-plus Spike credits to date — recently shared his engagement tactics and the importance of prospecting with former NAHB Membership Committee Chair Carol Morgan of Denim Marketing to help others recruit additional members to NAHB. Morgan: What motivates you to recruit potential members? August: It’s another way to give back to the industry that has been very good to me. The strength of an organization comes from the ability to create vibrant members who are willing to participate. Increasing memberships — locally, regionally and nationally — gives us the ability to create more services, education and networking benefits to open up channels of business development for all of us. That’s the macro. The micro is you just get to meet really nice people. Morgan: Do you have a secret formula for your recruitment success? What’s your best piece of advice? August: If you are zeroing in on a prospect and you think they are ready, willing and able to move forward, then it is critical to follow up and be persistent. Some of those whom I have recruited took over five years to become members. And even after recruiting, while you’re already engaged, you have the opportunity to get them involved as an instant asset. Morgan: How do you identify who is a good candidate to recruit? August: Every company that deals with some aspect of construction should be a member. Specifically, a good candidate is a business that has sufficient resources, and the ability and desire to participate regularly in member events and initiatives. It's much more time efficient to focus on those who can afford to take full advantage of the organization. Morgan: As a member, it seems you spend a lot of time and resources on recruitment. What can others expect as the payoff if they do the same? August: They can expect more closings on their products and services. The more people I met and organizations I got involved in, I not only found an increased number of Spike opportunities, but also more investments in our communities and more business for us. Ultimately, if members give, then they are going to get back. VIP Treatment One of the rewards for welcoming new members into the Federation is access to the Spike VIP area at the IBS Closing Concert. Only Spikes who recruit at least five new Builder or Associate members during 2019 qualify to RSVP for the 2020 event. Get VIP treatment and rewards at future events by participating in the fall membership drive at your home builders association (HBA). HBAs and members can register and access 2019 recruitment resources on HBA staff members are invited to share their recruitment and retention experiences at NAHB’s Third Tuesday Townhalls. The next townhall will take place July 16 at 2 p.m. ET. Register today.

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