New National Associate Chairman Position Available in 2020

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[caption id="attachment_15753" align="alignleft" width="300"] Judy Dinelle, Associates vice chair; Linda Mosier-Vaudt, Associates chair; Alma Jacobs; Helmut Mundt, Associates 2nd vice chair; Diana Lucero, National Associate Chair[/caption] Diana Lucero has more than 30 years of experience with construction loans at the New Mexico Bank & Trust — and just as much experience volunteering her time with her local and state home builders associations (HBAs), as well as NAHB. "When I first joined NAHB, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I started joining committees," said Lucero. "After all these years, I’ve realized NAHB isn’t regular networking — it’s a family." Over her decades of NAHB involvement, she’s participated in the Associates, Remodelers, Professional Women in Building and BUILD-PAC councils and committees, as well as various positions in her local and state associations. Lucero said she hasn’t made any cold calls in more than 20 years because of the relationships she's made through NAHB. In the Great Recession, her business was the only one of its kind that survived in her community, thanks to all her connections and involvement. Through her longevity in her career and time spent volunteering in a wide variety of committees, Lucero has risen to one of the highest positions within NAHB: the National Associate Chairman. The National Associate Chairman is part of the National Area Chairmen (NACs). The NACs are elected by the Board of Directors to represent the interests and concerns of members from their area and the interests of Associate members. They work closely with the senior officers of the board to form a vital communications link between NAHB, its leaders and all of its members. The National Associate Chairman is the only NAC who is not selected based on geography and is the only Associate member. Beginning in 2020, NAHB will create a second Associate NAC position. Each Associate NAC will have a two-year term, and each chair will be elected in opposite years. "NAHB realized it’s important to have Associate members as NACs, as Associates are most of the membership and contribute to sponsorships," explained Lucero. "It’s great to hear the issues from the other NACs from around the country and seeing if an Associate can help. Associates aren’t going to be successful unless builders are." If you or an Associate member in your HBA is interested in serving in the National Associate Chairman role, submit this form for consideration for the National Associate Chairman position. Go to to view the 2019 Nominations Process for National Associate Chairman. Hurry, nominations close July 25.

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