The Perfect Pair to Help Promote the Housing Industry

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NAHB member enthusiasm matched with BUILD-PAC socks proved the be the perfect pair for fundraising to support the future of the housing industry. More than 700 members gathered in the nation’s capital this month for the 2019 Legislative Conference and Spring Leadership Meeting. Among the meeting attendees the Associates, Remodelers, National Sales & Marketing (NSMC) and Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) came together to fund raise for BUILD-PAC, NAHB’s bipartisan political arm that helps elect pro-housing, pro-business candidates to federal office. The groups sold a pair of branded BUILD-PAC socks for a Fair Share ($25) contribution to the PAC. Nearly 300 pairs of socks were sold to fellow NAHB members. The socks were so popular that members expressed interest in bringing the initiative home. As a result, members from across the country will soon be fundraising and spreading awareness of BUILD-PAC at the state and local level. If you are interested in selling sell socks in your district, please contact Katie Crowley or Juli Meyer. Questions? Visit or contact the team. [caption id="attachment_15667" align="alignleft" width="583"] Showing off their BUILD-PAC socks, left to right: NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde, First Vice Chair Dean Mon, PWB Chair Darylene Dennon, Second Vice Chair Chuck Fowke, Third Vice Chair Jerry Konter and Immediate Past Chair Randy Noel.[/caption]

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