How HBAs Can Take Membership to the Next Level

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Thriving HBAs have one thing in common: a deep culture of membership. From recruitment and on-boarding, to engagement and retention, each stage of the cycle is important. To help HBAs take their membership successes to the next level, NAHB is continuing two programs this fall: the Membership 360 Campaign and Statewide Drive Training. Both programs address membership drive challenges and dives deep into building the best strategy before, during and after a successful membership drive. NAHB staff works directly with the HBA to strengthen recruitment and retention plans and facilitate onsite recruitment training. Notable Results For Nikki Giordano, executive officer of the HBA of Northern Colorado, it wasn’t until her HBA participated in the Membership 360 Campaign pilot program when she learned exactly what her association was capable of when it comes to member recruiting. "I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I found out the program included a two-day drive. But I think that short time made all the difference. It made us come together to work hard and work fast," she says. Giordano praises the program’s hands-on approach and was amazed by how much she and her recruiters learned from NAHB staff onsite. Her recruiters came out of the experience, which added over 60 new members to the association, feeling proud, accomplished and ready to keep the momentum going. Barry Oxley, executive officer of the Huntsville Madison Co. Builders Association, had a similar experience back in fall 2018 when his association recruited over 200 members as a result of the Membership 360 Campaign. "It changes your culture and mindset. You’re highlighting the significance of membership recruitment, which helps refine you as a knowledgeable association," says Oxley. Throughout the year, his association continues to host successful "mini drives," which started after participation in the program. Sparking Success At a state level, training helps boost collaboration between local associations. When the HBA of Michigan participated in a Statewide Drive Training, president Jack Vander Meulen saw it as a catalyst for success: "NAHB has helped our state and its local associations kick-off a new commitment to hold membership drives each and every year. That is our plan moving forward and we truly believe that we must encourage and support our locals doing at least one short-duration drive each year." To apply for the Membership 360 Campaign or Statewide Training, visit The deadline for applications is Sunday, June 30. If you have any questions, please email Isabel Shocket or call 202-266-8286.

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