Prepare Now for the Trench Safety Stand Down in June

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NAHB is a proud partner of the 2019 Trench Safety Stand Down, presented by OSHA and the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA). Running June 17-21, the stand down gives employers, supervisors and foremen the opportunity to speak directly to workers about trench and excavation hazards. With only a few weeks until the event begins, now is the time to prepare to ensure maximum impact on this very important topic. Anyone who wants to prevent trenching and excavation hazards in the workplace can participate in the stand down. NAHB encourages utility construction, residential contractors, highway construction, plumbers, associations, insurance carriers, educational institutes and safety equipment manufacturers to participate. Stand Down Goals The goal is to reach out to the many workers who work in and around trenches and excavations to provide them with information about current excavation requirements and safety procedures for working in trenches. By reaching as many workers as possible, we can reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries that occur each year in our industry, and make others, such as municipal and industry workers who are also exposed, aware of these serious hazards. Three Steps to Hold Your Own Stand Down
  1. Plan ahead. Always schedule the stand down ahead of time to maximize worker turnout. Jobsites follow strict schedules with tight deadlines, so it is important to schedule at a time convenient for all workers. TIP: Provide lunch as an incentive for participation.
  2. Cover the basics. Choose a topic to use as the focus of the stand down. Tailor the topic to the current jobsite priorities, such as what protective systems (sloping, benching or trench boxes) will be used on the jobsite. TIP: Use the free NUCA Trench Safety Toolbox Talk (English and Spanish) and distribute OSHA’s Trenching Quick Card (English and Spanish) to workers.
  3. Hold your stand down. Present the information to the workers, keeping it short and simple. Review your trench/excavation safety program, and review what types of incidents could happen: soil cave-ins; struck by equipment or materials; trips and falls. TIP: Document attendance at the stand down with the Safety Stand Down Sign-In Sheet.
For other resources, visit the Trench Safety Stand Down page on If you have any questions about the stand down, contact Rob Matuga.  

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