New 'Connect 10' Program Helps Younger Companies Grow

Business Management
If you’re early in your career as a home builder, it can be difficult to get the boost you need to start off right. That’s why NAHB’s 20 Clubs is expanding to a broader — and younger — audience. [caption id="attachment_15151" align="alignright" width="300"] Although the kick-off meeting for each Connect 10 club is held in person, the remaining meetings are predominantly virtual.[/caption] "Connect 10" is a new program geared toward companies that may not yet be established enough to warrant a traditional membership in the NAHB 20 Clubs, yet it offers similar networking and educational benefits. Modeled as a stepping stone toward membership in a 20 Club within two to three years, Connect 10 is based largely on virtual meetings. The virtual club model was developed as a convenient and appealing platform particularly for newer company owners. The Connect 10 program officially kicked off last month in Dallas, where the initial club held its formation meeting. “The program has essentially provided me with my own board of directors,” said Eric Visser, co-owner of Visser Construction in Anchorage, Alaska. “We've only just begun, but during that first meeting, we shared some of the successes and challenges we're seeing in our markets, and those lessons will be a great benefit to me and my business.” The only requirement for a Connect 10 membership, aside from being an NAHB member, is that the member companies are less than 10 years old. Each club will comprise up to 10 members and meet quarterly for two, two-hour virtual meetings. In addition to a 20 Club facilitator, each club will have a dedicated mentor — a retired 20 Club veteran — to facilitate conversation and provide guidance. [caption id="attachment_15152" align="alignleft" width="300"] Members of the first Connect 10 club pose during their kick-off meeting in Dallas.[/caption] “By joining a Connect 10 club early in their careers, builders can get ahead of the learning curve on how to run their business effectively, thus increasing their company's profit margins,” said Allan Brandt, mentor for Connect 10 and founder of the NAHB 20 Clubs. “Learning early on how to avoid major pitfalls is key and can significantly increase their company's growth potential.” To learn more about NAHB’s Connect 10 program, email Mike Sutton or call 202-266-8241.

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