NAHB Senior Officers Talk Codes at ICC Board Meeting

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NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde and First Vice Chairman Dean Mon recently addressed the Board of the International Codes Council (ICC) in Albuquerque, N.M., as the ICC meets to consider revisions to parts of its International Residential Code and other codes important to home builders. Ugalde urged continued cooperation between the ICC, local codes officials and business stakeholders, such as home builders, in the codes development process. "We started the One & Done program last year to get our members to ask validated voters to participate in the online vote in November," said Ugalde in remarks to the ICC Board. "We’re continuing the program and intend to recruit more builders to work with their local code officials to get out the vote." Ugalde also noted that NAHB has concerns about a recent push by some to include energy efficiency in the definition of resiliency for homes. "Adding energy efficiency to the definition, in our opinion, dilutes what resiliency is about — preparation for and recovery from disasters," noted Ugalde. "We need to make sure our message is uniform across the board to be effective. We encourage ICC to maintain a separation between resiliency and energy efficiency." Vice Chairman Mon spoke to the Board about NAHB initiatives on workforce development. He noted that home building and codes development are feeling the pinch of a labor shortage that is “causing quality-control issues, project delays, and ultimately raising the cost of housing.” "A long-term solution to the workforce development problem is getting younger people into both the building trades and codes profession," said Vice Chairman Mon. "We want to learn what you currently have underway, share with you our program offerings, and determine how we can build upon each other’s work." The ICC Committee Action hearings on 2021 codes changes are ongoing in Albuquerque through May 8.

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