NAHB Mentorship Program Creates Valuable Connection

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When Cassidy Wilson heard about a mentorship program for members of the NAHB Young Professionals Facebook group, she was intrigued and wondered what kind of mentor she would be paired with. A colleague noted that one of the registered mentors was a state legislator in Utah. As the Deputy Director of Government Affairs for Southern Nevada HBA, Wilson was keen to pick the brain of a lawmaker from an adjacent state. As a bonus, her mentor, Utah Rep. Paul Ray, is also the EO of the Northern Wasatch HBA. "Between questions about how to deal with state legislatures and running the YP group for our HBA, I had a lot to discuss," said Wilson. "Paul was the perfect person to speak with." After she requested Ray as her mentor, Wilson followed up with a phone call. The two spoke and realized there was definitely opportunity for a mentor/mentee relationship. Wilson hopped on a plane the next week and found herself in the halls of the Utah House of Representatives. "Paul introduced me around and I got to watch the legislative process," said Wilson. "That was really great, but the conversations I had with agency staffers afterwards really made the experience." Wilson met with the people running workforce development and affordable housing initiatives in Utah, and explored how home builders and HBAs can work with state agencies to advance those agendas. "There was a great professional connection," noted Ray. "This is a great opportunity for Cassidy and it never would have happened if not for the Facebook tool." Facebook launched its mentorships feature for group pages in August 2018. The simple interface, found in the left navigation bar of the NAHB Young Professionals Facebook group page, allows members to register as mentors or mentees, or privately request a mentor or mentee from the group. "We felt it was a no-brainer to offer the mentorship feature on the YP Facebook page," said NAHB Young Professionals Committee Chair Erin DeWeese. "This committee is engaged in helping to steward the next generation of leaders in home building, and there is no better way to learn than to have an effective mentor." The mentorship program has already gotten some traction in the YP Facebook group; in addition to Wilson, Ray noted he is mentoring another YP group member, also the result of a connection in the group "This is an interesting program and I hope other current industry leaders take the opportunity to pass along their knowledge to the next generation," said Ray. Current NAHB Young Professionals Facebook group members can access the mentorship feature at To join the YP Facebook group, visit the group’s page and click the +Join Group button at the top of the page. For any questions about the mentorship program or NAHB Young Professionals, contact Topher McLarty.

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