Navigating Housing’s Complicated Marijuana Legal Landscape

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Although marijuana may be legal in certain states, it is still illegal federally, which has caused uncertainty around legal restrictions not only within the construction industry, but in managing multifamily properties as well. For example, for HUD-assisted or subsidized multifamily properties located in one of the nine states and the District of Columbia in which medical and recreational marijuana use is legal, it may seem legal for residents to use it in their apartments. For HUD-assisted or subsidized properties located in one of the 20 states that allow some form of medical marijuana use, it may seem necessary to provide reasonable accommodation for residents with legal prescriptions. Neither of those assumptions is correct, however, and both would involve consequences. And there are more confusing scenarios like them. Learn the facts in the March 21 webinar, How Do I Maneuver through the Issues that Marijuana May Bring? A legal expert and program compliance expert will explain all the details to help properties properly comply with the law, including:
  • Identifying landlord/tenant duties when living in an apartment community
  • Interpreting the Fair Housing Law and how it applies to each resident
  • Proactively addressing marijuana issues and practice tips to avoid these issues
HCCPs and HCG members can attend the webinar at no charge. There are discounts for members of NAHB Councils and for NAHB members. Non-members are also welcome to register. Sign up today.        

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