How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

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Personal acquaintances and client referrals are typically the most reliable sources of leads for builders and remodelers. The premise of social media doesn't change this. But when used effectively, it can give the lead-generating process a boost. Social media is another way to build relationships with potential buyers, partners, vendors, and even policymakers and media. Use NAHB to help you reach your target audience and begin building those relationships. Instagram – Best targets: First-time home buyers or remodelers You can get your brand and project pictures in front of NAHB’s rapidly growing consumer following on Instagram for free as part of your membership. If you already have an Instagram account, just follow @homebuilders, and tag us in the pictures that you would like us to share. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can submit your photos and a short description of the project at Either way, be sure to include the Instagram handle for other key people or companies that were involved in the project, along with photo credits. Also, it’s important that the photos are high quality. For questions on Instagram and marketing to consumers, contact Camilo Cuba. Facebook – Best targets: Home buyers and other home building businesses Facebook has NAHB’s largest social media audience, and it’s primarily comprised of NAHB members, HBAs and consumers. Like and follow the NAHB Facebook page to get started. Also, consider joining an NAHB group on Facebook. Tag NAHB in posts or in replies you’d like to see on the main NAHB page. Consider recurring features, like a home of the week from a Parade of Homes or weekly economic news. Don’t be afraid to share and repost content from other pages, like NAHB’s. Twitter – Best targets: Consumers, news media and policymakers The audience for the NAHB Twitter account, @NAHBhome, is the most varied, with plenty of home builders, HBAs and consumers, but also a large number of followers including media outlets, economists and policy makers. Content should be tailored to this unique audience. One thing we’d like to see is local builder and HBA interactions with code officials. If there is a meeting you’re attending, please tag the NAHB account and let us know. Likewise for administrative or legislative meetings and hearings. In general, to build a social media audience and retain it, follow the three golden rules of social media posting:
  1. Post frequently (at least twice per week)
  2. Use high-quality photos and videos
  3. Provide a link for further engagement, even if it’s just to your home page
If you’re looking for content to post, always remember that you are welcome to share, re-post or otherwise engage with any posts on the NAHB Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. For questions about NAHB social media, contact Patrick Lunsford.

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