How Modular Construction Can Benefit Multifamily Developments

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Modular construction is a hot topic within the construction industry as a potential solution to labor shortages and rising costs — and, subsequently, housing affordability — because of the speed and efficiency with which these structures can be built. But many builders and developers are cautiously waiting to see how it works for other builders. Multifamily developers interested in learning how to adopt this practice in their businesses can learn more from an experienced multifamily builder member in a webinar on March 27. Presenter Vaughan Buckley, from Vaughan Buckley Construction, has built more than 1,000 units in the Philadelphia area using modular building techniques and shared his experience with a packed room of enthusiastic builders and developers at the International Builders’ Show in February. This webinar will highlight the positive aspects of building modular:
  • Cost effectiveness,
  • Waste and loss prevention,
  • Year-round building opportunity,
  • Fully customizable builds and finishes,
  • Optimizing processes, and
  • Speed and efficiency.
Of course, there are also challenges. Doing things differently means change. Although change can be unsettling, it can also lead to an improved, more profitable product. The webinar is free to members of the Multifamily Council or the Building Systems Councils, and is discounted for members of other councils and NAHB members. Non-NAHB members also are welcome to participate. Register today!

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