ANSI Square Footage Standard Review Process Begins

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Home Innovation Research Labs announced last week that it’s initiating the review and revision process for the American National Standard for Single-Family Residential Buildings, Square Footage - Method of Calculating (ANSI z765). The standard, which was established in 1996, creates a uniform approach to calculating and reporting square footage (or finished area) for use in marketing and selling homes, establishing comparable appraisals, taxing properties and even defending lawsuits. It was last reaffirmed in 2013. Home Innovation is collecting proposed changes to the standard through May 7, 2019. Applications for the consensus committee are also open and must be submitted by April 15. As an American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standard, regular reviews and updates are recommended to ensure that advances in building codes, technology and other developments can be considered for incorporation. All meeting notices and tentative agendas will be posted online 30 days in advance; minutes and reports will also be available online.

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