NAHB Legal Action Fund Grants $60K to Builders and HBAs at IBS

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The NAHB Legal Action Committee awarded $60,000 in grants to members and local and state associations that applied to NAHB’s Legal Action Fund during last week's International Builders' Show. Grant recipients include:
  • Builder members in New York and Ohio, who will use the funds to fight their cases against municipalities for failing to uphold rezoning decisions.
  • A builder member in Alabama, to assist with his litigation against a subcontractor and product manufacturer.
  • The North Idaho Building Contractors Association, which received another round of funding to support its long-standing litigation against improper sewer connection fees.
  • A builder member in Virginia, who is preparing to head to the state supreme court to fight a county’s decision to deny a road extension.
The Legal Action Fund was founded in January 1970 as the Legal Defense Study Committee. The original charge of the committee was to review legal issues related to "sensible growth." After more than 40 years, the Legal Defense Study Committee, now known as the Legal Action Committee, has expanded its review to help defray litigation costs for all builder and developer members, as well as local and state associations, involved in litigation and issues that have a national impact on the housing industry or represent a common industry problem. The Legal Action Fund has a great track record of helping NAHB members and HBAs win cases. Late last year, a Legal Action Fund grant helped HBAs in Nevada prevail in an important construction defect case. For more information, contact Lavon Roxbury, 800-368-5242 x8359.

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