BALA Highlights Top Design Trends for 2019

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Selected from more than 150 winners across the home-building industry, including single-family, multifamily interior design and remodeling projects, the 2018 Best in American Living™ Awards (BALA) winners showcase top design trends that home buyers can expect to see in homes and communities over the next several years. "Great design taps into the emotions that make a house a home," said Don Ruthroff, Principal at Dahlin Group Architecture Planning, NAHB’s 2018 Judging Chair and 2018 Best in American Living Awards Subcommittee Chair. "The BALA program celebrates the designers and builders as 'the best of the best.'" From added texture to creative use of space, these features are sure to be found in homes near you in 2019 and beyond: 1. Black window frames. Now available at almost every price point, designers are gravitating to this purposeful frame choice. 2. The ceiling as the fifth wall of design. Architects are taking advantage of this seemingly blank canvas and transforming it with creative textures, colors and lighting. [caption id="attachment_14519" align="aligncenter" width="572"] This 2018 BALA Home of the Year boasts a never-seen-before feature: a re-entrant pocketing door, which unveils virtually the entire home’s living space to the exterior pool and view terrace. Photo by Werner Segarra[/caption] 3. Creative integration of outdoor spaces. Even on the smallest and narrowest of lots, inspired solutions can provide home owners with ample outdoor living. 4. Delineation of spaces through mixed materials. Whether pairing two unique materials, like stone and brick, or switching directions of one material, homes have better defined spaces — both outdoor and in — through mixed materials. 5. Indoor/outdoor connections. This trend gets stronger each year, with increased emphasis on easy physical and visual connections with outdoor spaces. 6. Mid-century modern and modern farmhouse. These styles are both incredibly popular across the country, both in new homes and renovations that bring out the home’s original character. [caption id="attachment_14520" align="aligncenter" width="578"] Black painted cabinets and brushed gold hardware were used to visually define the cooking and serving areas of this 2018 BALA-winning kitchen. Photo by MG Photography[/caption] 7. Mixed metals. Silver, brass, gold and more, there’s no telling where you’ll find metals and how they’ll be paired in today’s new homes. 8. Multigenerational living. Homes are increasingly featuring designated multigenerational suites or transition spaces that can be quickly transformed into additional bedrooms, providing for the increasing number of multigenerational households in some parts of the country. 9. Quiet but purposeful architecture. Forms and ratios are following best practices in a muted but memorable manner. 10. Stairs as a focal piece. Stairs are taking on a life of their own and featuring fine detailing, unique materials and one-of-a-kind design. 11. Texture on texture. Interiors are featuring curated texture palettes, from stone to raw wood details to manmade textured wallpaper offerings. Learn more at the newly refreshed website, featuring an easy-to-search gallery of the recently released 2018 BALA winners, previous BALA winners and important design topics. This online news source includes fresh content on trends, best practices, interior and community design, and more, as well as special features on hot news topics within the design industry.

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