Summary of the 2018 Midterm Elections

After a hard-fought and contentious midterm election, NAHB is ready to work with the new Congress to address critical housing issues.

Election Day brought significant changes to the electoral map. Now, leaders from both parties will be setting the legislative agenda for the next two years.

NAHB’s government affairs team looks forward to working with the new Congress and the Trump Administration on a range of key issues, including workforce development, lowering the cost of regulation, investing in infrastructure, and refining and expanding tax reform and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.

This summary of the 2018 midterm election results offers election-outcome maps of important races and provides a snapshot of the committees with oversight over key housing issues in the 116th Congress.

Split Decision: Republicans Expand Hold on Senate, Democrats Win the House [PDF]
(updated Jan. 3, 3 p.m.)


NAHB Chief Executive Officer Jerry Howard and Jim Tobin, NAHB’s Executive Vice President for Government Affairs and Communications, provide an expert analysis of the election outcome.