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New Homes Month in April is the perfect opportunity to highlight the benefits of purchasing a new home. NAHB has prepared a toolkit to help you target potential home buyers with messages of quality construction, location, new home amenities and more that will entice consumers to consider purchasing a new home as the spring home tour season kicks off.

Tips on Maximizing New Homes Month

  • Coordinate with current activities. Many local associations are hosting home shows or parades of homes, and the material in this toolkit can complement your activities or help you create a new event to reach consumers. Use these resources to create a special tabloid section in your local paper in April or to focus on a new housing topic each week throughout the month.
  • Embrace social media. By incorporating Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you will reach a new audience and supplement your current marketing pieces for practically free. Here are more tips for promoting New Homes Month using social media. You can also customize these sample social media posts or create your own.
  • Host a housing event. For example, sponsoring a Housing Forum gives public and industry leaders an opportunity to examine and discuss the state of housing in your area. You’ll have the chance to show a unity of purpose and a strong base of support for housing from people who live and work in your community. Invite representatives from local Realtors, mortgage loan officers or an economist from a college or university to speak, and invite the media.
  • You could also help organize and sponsor a New Home Buyer Consumer Fair that brings together community resources including banks, mortgage lenders, insurance representatives and service providers as well as builders.
  • Reinforce your message with data. Research the economic data you can get from NAHB, including the Local Economic Impact Model that provides reports on the net benefit of housing, giving local associations the data you need to demonstrate that housing pays for itself. You can also use the local economic and polling data from the NAHB Housing Portal to help tell your local story.
  • Contribute to your community. Work with community partners to build and sell, auction, or donate a new home for a charitable cause. If you are looking for a smaller project, consider sponsoring an event to build and sell/auction new playhouses or a project that involves kids building new dog houses if you are looking for a way to work with community schools as well as a charity.
  • Count down the benefits of new homes. Develop your own “Top 10 List” of reasons to buy a new home in your community and use it as a theme throughout April, releasing one for each of the first 10 days of the month to news media in a release that includes local data and quotes that reinforce your message.

New Homes Month Customizable Articles

Use these articles to tell consumers about the benefits of new homes. Articles with customizable COVID-19 messages are available here.

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New Homes Month Consumer Flyers and Guides

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