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NAHB members build more than 80% of all new housing in the United States each year and employ more than 10 million people across the country.

We offer both members and non-members the opportunity to market to the home building industry through various digital opportunities. These platforms give you a variety of choices and strategies to market your company to our membership.

Here is a snapshot of products offered. Rates and detailed information are outlined in our media kit.

Banner Ads

Over 150,000 unique visitors use each month to access 10,000 pages of content. Get a powerful combination of branding and results by running your ads adjacent to NAHB content on and NAHBNow blog. Ads are sold on a CPM (cost per thousand) impressions basis.

If you are not selling to a national audience, you can geo-target the ads to only appear in the states or markets of your choice.

Industry Connections Direct Email Promotion

Once per month, we offer one company the opportunity to send their content from NAHB to up to 75,000 opt-in members. This e-blast opportunity offers great exposure and aligns your messaging with NAHB.


NAHB has three main e-newsletters for members with both advertising and sponsored content available in each.

Monday Morning Briefing is a weekly e-newsletter that features association and industry news as well as sponsor-generated content. It is sent every Monday to more than 170,000 members and subscribers.

Housing Headlines is an aggregate of the week’s most important housing stories from around mainstream media. The newsletter is sent every Friday to 110,000 members.

IBS Industry Trackeris sent every other Wednesday to more than 100,000 recent attendees of the International Builders’ Show (2014-2020). The content is customized for each attendee and comes from exhibitor blogs and news. Featured stories and advertising are available in each issue.

Sponsored Content

We also feature sponsored content on our NAHBNow news blog and in our Monday Morning Briefing e-newsletter. This is your opportunity to get an interesting or educational article in front of NAHB members.

If you are looking for something more promotional, we also offer both product coverage and featured stories.


NAHB produces educational webinars in tracks or series. Sponsoring an existing NAHB webinar allows attendees to register for free and for you to collect leads. Or you can choose to work with NAHB to collaborate on new educational content or a series of webinars. You will receive recognition in the marketing, registration and during the webinar, and replays of the presentations will be available for viewing for a full year. You will also have access to information on the registrants. If you are looking for lead generation, this is a great fit for you.

Media Kit Rates and detailed advertizing information
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<p>The philanthropic arm of NAHB, supporting education, training and research programs focused on residential construction.</p>

National Housing Endowment

National Housing Endowment

The philanthropic arm of NAHB, supporting education, training and research programs focused on residential construction.

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<p>More than 150 education sessions are offered during the show.</p>

The International Builders’ Show

The International Builders’ Show

More than 150 education sessions are offered during the show.

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Industry News
<p>Get the latest updates on key developments in the housing industry.</p>

Industry News

Industry News

Get the latest updates on key developments in the housing industry.

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