Will Zhang More about Will Zhang For over a decade, Will Zhang has been making an impact in the utility, finance, energy, and home building sectors by spearheading technology initiatives across both Europe and North America. Will previously served as the head of Software Engineering at a $1.6 billion oil and gas company, where he established the company’s analytics capabilities road map. During this time, he directed the development of an advanced Machine Learning system that prevents oil spills, thereby ensuring worker safety, protecting millions of dollars in equipment, and preserving the environment. Will has also led the creation of a variety of large scalable data systems, including a fault management system capable of monitoring millions of telecom devices, and an algorithm trading system that trades currencies in milliseconds. Will’s Master's degrees from New York University’s Stern School of Business and in Software Engineering have complemented his 14 years of business-focused experience in technology development and digital transformation consulting. His expertise in Machine Learning, technology development, and operations research will make digital transformation accessible for home builders, driving their success in the industry.