Spencer Padgett More about Spencer Padgett I joined CoConstruct as the Builder-in-Residence in August of 2018. As a builder and remodeler, I’ve both enjoyed and suffered the experience of homebuilding for over 20 years. Before that I was a Captain in the Marine Corps. I have owned my own development and contracting business and I have been the COO for a large design-build firm out of Chicago. I have entitled and developed over 2,200 acres of residential land and built over 80 custom homes. The teams I led designed and built over $25MM/year in contract value. During the downturn, my company provided due-diligence, pro-forma creation, site investigation, development, construction and sales operations for private equity projects located across the country. I applied logic, a systems-based approach and a healthy dose of luck to help grow all of these businesses. However, I enjoyed breaking things in the Marine Corps much more than anything I’ve done since then. I dislike receiving certified mail and any phone call at 5pm on a Friday - neither are ever good.