Michael Hess More about Michael Hess Mike Hess is a Partner and the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vantage Homes, a production builder of first and second time move up homes in Colorado Springs, CO. Along with his business partner, Mike is a second-generation owner of Vantage Homes, a company founded by his father in 1983. Mike's career in the industry started early as a laborer in high school. Over the next 8 years Mike continued to work with Vantage Homes building houses between his time attending school. In 2012 Mike retuned full time to Vantage Homes where he spent time as a Superintendent before he transitioned into a positions as a Sales Agent, Sales Manager, and currently as the EVP of Sales and Marketing. Mike and his Business Partner began the purchase of Vantage Homes from his father in 2015 and completed the transition in 2018. As a lot option builder, Vantage Homes partners with and purchases finished lots directly from land developers and on average builds 150 homes annually with an average revenue of $75m - $80m. Mike and the entire team at Vantage Homes have found that a heavy focus on the customer experience combined with top-of-the-line technology, the best local partnerships and the knowledge that more than 35 years of building provides has allowed the company to master the experience of personalizing homes to fit the ever-changing needs of their buyers over a relatively large scale. Mike was born and raised in Colorado Springs and graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in Business Entrepreneurship and Communication. He is married to his wife April and they have a son, George.